Andy's Void

Andy's Void is a short film, which follows Andy, a young male suffering from social anxiety disorder. Andy has a 'void', which he uses to create people in order to suppress his loneliness.

Unfortunately, the audio wasn't recorded well on location and wasn't of an appropriate standard to be entered into festivals. For this reason, I was brought on to the project as part of an audio team to improve the audio. We made the decision to redo all of the audio from scratch including re-recording all dialogue. My role within the project was primarily re-recording mixer, however I also assisted with the ADR recording sessions, dialogue edit and foley recording. For more information on our process please refer to my blog HERE.

Andy's Void will be screened in the coming months at the Adelaide FF and The LA Shortfest. 

You can view a short clip below showing the original audio alongside the final product.

Film Team

  • Writer / Director: Julien Hutchins
  • Producer: Claudia Blanch
  • Editor / Post Production Supervisor: Steven Cooper

Audio Team

  • Re-recoding Mixer: Ash Ball
  • Dialogue Editor: Chris Ware
  • ADR Recordist: Mel Bertram
  • Sound Design: Lee Evans
  • Foley: Carlo Gucciardo