Sunshine Swings

Sunshine Swings

Have fun in the colourful world of Sunny Swings Mini Golf. Just pull back and let go to launch your ball, and yourself into a mini world of fun! Bounce off walls, around corners and between obstacles in your quest to put that ball in the hole. Watch out though, some obstacles are more dangerous than others, and might even explode!

Sunshine Swings is a top down mini golf game for Android, with the added twist of dodging obstacles that may blow up. Chris Ware and I created the music and FX for this game over the course of one week. We aimed to have the audio provide a fun and bouncy atmosphere for the player, especially as this is aimed towards children. For more information on my process for creating the music, check out my blog HERE, and also listen to us reflecting on the project in the podcast below.

You can also grab a build of the game HERE, or check out some gameplay in the video below.

Game Designer

  • Ryan Smith


  • Chloe Jephcott

Graphic Design

  • Caitlin Stewart